Is the UK Hydrogen (H2) Ready?


Is hydrogen the future? Is the UK Hydrogen (H2) ready? Hydrogen has long been thought as the clean alternative to natural gas. Which could soon be used to power the appliances in our homes. To include not only boilers, but hob, cookers and fires too.

The first UK houses have been built and are set to be fuelled entirely by Hydrogen. The houses are due to be open to the public to learn more about the emerging technologies. Finding alternatives to fossil fuels and a move towards making clean energy the norm. Thus giving people a glimpse in to what the future might look like.

Hydrogen burns cleanly, producing only water as combustion. Making it ideal as a net-zero economy fuel. Hydrogen also has the benefit that it could be distributed across the country using the existing mains gas infrastructure.

The government is hoping hydrogen, as a clean and safe replacement to natural gas, will play a vital role in achieving its commitment of the UK’s contribution to climate change by 2050. By implementing their Ten Point Plan.

The Hydrogen Strategy is to be shared later in 2021, to show that the UK is indeed Hydrogen (H2) ready.

The technology is already here with the New Viessmann Vitodens 100-W & 111-W, which are now available!