Power Flush for Central Heating

Power flush rod


Power Flush Boiler System


What is Power Flush?

Power flushing is the de-scaling of your central heating system, which will remove all the debris from within the pipes and radiators. The debris occurs because the central heating system steadily corrodes internal metal surfaces, radiator panels in particular. The sludge then prevents the correct hot water flow around radiator panels reducing heat output.

By power flushing the system correctly with a solution it dislodges and flushes away silt, sediment, corrosion and any other deposits that are within the central heating circuit. This is done by adding a mixture of chemicals to the system, draining it, then running through fresh water and a neutralizing solution, before draining that, and refilling with fresh water and a corrosion inhibitor. AHS Ltd use the top of the range inhibitor, which will give long term protection for your central heating system.

After the power flush has been performed, hot water from your boiler is able to fully circulate around the radiators. This will maximise heat output and efficiency, and in turn saves on your household bills!