AHS Water Hygiene - Remedial Works and Compliance

AHS can help you ensure L8 Legionella Compliance ACoP L8, HSG274 Parts 2 and 3 safety and compliance, water testing, water management and Legionella control.

Following a risk assessment a recommended remedial action list will be provided in order to ensure compliance and to further reduce the risk of a legionella outbreak.
The HSE States:
If you identify a risk that you are unable to prevent, you must introduce a course of action ie a written control scheme, that will help you to manage the risk from legionella by implementing effective control measures, by describing:

  • your system, eg develop a schematic diagram
  • who is responsible for carrying out the assessment and managing its implementation
  • the safe and correct operation of your system
  • what control methods and other precautions you will be using
  • what checks will be carried out, and how often will they be carried out, to ensure the controls remain effective

We can help create a written monitoring plan to control the identified risks of Legionella.
Actions could include:

  • Flushing of little-used outlets (weekly)
  • Recording temperature test results and compared with parameters (monthly)
  • Descaling of shower heads and spray taps (quarterly)
  • Water tank inspection (quarterly)
  • calorifier inspection (annual)
  • Legionella risk assessment review (bi-annual)

The HSE State You should:

  • ensure that the release of water spray is properly controlled
  • avoid water temperatures and conditions that favour the growth of legionella and other micro-organisms
  • ensure water cannot stagnate anywhere in the system by keeping pipe lengths as short as possible or removing redundant pipework
  • avoid materials that encourage the growth of legionella (The Water Fittings & Materials Directory references fittings, materials, and appliances approved for use on the UK Water Supply System by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme)
  • keep the system and the water in it clean
  • treat water to either control the growth of legionella (and other microorganisms) or limit their ability to grow
  • monitor any control measures applied
  • keep records of these and other actions taken, such as maintenance or repair work

We are a member of the Legionella Control Association: reg no.  2022/3642

Alexandra Heating Services strictly adhere to the LCA code of conduct for LCA members which may be viewed by following this link: https://www.legionellacontrol.org.uk/_data/pdf/Code-of-Conduct-for-Members-701.19-04-22.pdf

We are also a member of the BSI (British Standards Institute) Membership number: 47871369

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