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About Air Source Heat Pumps for your home (ASHP)

A very environmetally friendly option for your heating and hot water

These devices typically sit outside next to your home. Essentially ASHP uses the same technology as a fridge, only in reverse. Air Source Heat Pumps take the heat from the surrounding air via a fan, which gently heats a conducting liquid. This liquid is then compressed to raise the temperature to a useful level. This heat is then transferred to either a cylinder for storage or house heating and being deemed “low grade” heat is ideal for underfloor heating.

Another positive is installation is normally straight forward, the units themselves are often affordable (when compared to other renewable technologies), and uses technology which is tried and tested and very reliable.

The effectiveness of an Air Source Heat Pump is measured by its Coefficient of Performance (CoP) which provides the amount of Kw of electricity it takes to run the unit compared to the Kw of heat produced.

What are down sides to Air Source Heat Pumps?

Air temperature varies and the lower the ambient air temperature the less energy is available and typically, the lower the CoP, so whilst many ASHP’s can produce heat down to -15C, the efficiency drops off at low temperatures which is when you have the greatest need for heat. Also, the units themselves are not silent with different manufacturers ASHP’s producing varying noise output, and so it is worth checking the noise levels before deciding which ASHP.  Finally ASHP’s are best suited to under floor heating as this enables the unit to run at lower output temperatures (making them more effective in colder weather).

So when would an Air Source Heat Pump work for my home?

ASHP can deliver savings, especially when they are used in conjunction with underfloor heating ( wet systems ) and used in well insulated homes. In these circumstances an ASHP could provide heating all year round with significant savings during the spring, summer and autumn.

We recognise a key consideration for many is the initial cost, however, with the governments Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) program house holders can receive 4 payments each year (quarterly) for 7 years which should offset the majority and potentially all of the initial outlay. There are conditions attached to receiving the RHI payments, many of which are explained in the attached FAQ’s document from Ofgem (2017) ;

If you would like to discuss ASHP and whether it could be right for you, please email ( ) or call AHS who will be delighted to help.

How does a heat pump work?

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